All Stick No Carrot - This Week in Google 526

19 September 2019
by: This Week in Google
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Pixel 4 Event, Pixelbook 2, Facebook Portal
This Week's Stories

--  Pixel 4 event confirmed for October 15th, may include Pixelbook 2
--  Facebook announces its final rules for the Oversight Board.
--  Facebook Portal wants to take over your TV
--  Facebook wants to trademark the word "Book"
--  Google uses AI to diagnose skin cancer
--  Google launching new Nest Wi-Fi router with Google Assistant
--  Banning face recognition: pros and cons
--  Check out Triangulation #400 for a great interview with the man behind San Francisco's face recognition ban
--  Google Fi Unlimited
--  Pixel 4 in Coral- or is it Cheeto?
--  Pixel 4 camera will feature astrophotography
--  The Last Apple Keynote
--  Government to Google: let employees talk about salary
--  Richard Stallman quits MIT and FSF
--  What if all the proposed tech regulations passed? Jeff Jarvis has the ultimate dystopian view
Tips and Picks

--  Leo's Tool: Write with Transformer
--  Jeff's Numbers: Wearable chair, save 50% on Pixel 3
--  Stacey's Things: Funko Advent Calendar: Marvel 80th Anniversary, Woodinville Whiskey Co.
--  Ant's Wholesome Stuff: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Next Week

--  Kevin Tofel will be on TWiG next week with a look at what we are expecting from the Pixelbook 2, so come back next week, or Subscribe at so you don't miss it. 

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, Ant Pruitt

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