Pretty Fly for a Fi Guy - This Week in Google 523

29 August 2019
by: This Week in Google
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Android Q, Facebook Political Ads, WYSIWYG, and More!
This Week's Stories

--  Android Q: No Dessert for You
--  Levandowski indicted for Google self-driving theft
--  Should you buy a Pixel 3a or wait for the Pixel 4?
--  Google and Dell team up on an enterprise laptop
--  How WYSIWIG was named
--  Google moves Pixel 3a manufacturing to Vietnam
--  Google bans internal politics
-- YouTube Kids preschool content filters
--  Facebook tightens transparency rules for political ads
--  You have the right to be surveilled
--  The new privacy fundamentalism
--  Copyright maximalists ruin intellectual property
--  Harvard freshman denied entry to the US for other people's social media posts
Picks of the Week

--  Leo's Tools: r/MaybeMaybeMaybe, RIP KFOG
--  Jeff's Numbers: Google's big tent roof, Google's plan for San José
--  Stacey's Thing: New York Times Mexican Martini Recipe
--  Mathew's Stuff: Reddit Randonauts

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Mathew Ingram

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